Kheir Sannai is a ready to wear collection launched in Fall 2016.   Creative Director Rickeyia Nicole’s aesthetic is between feminine and masculine practicality.  Her career began after graduating the “School of Style”, where she learned the business side of styling.  Rickeyia formed a unique point of view that “It’s more than just picking out a cute outfit,” to make it in the Fashion industry it takes time, tenacity and integrity. 

She believes the modern wardrobe should consist of classic, translatable but, memorable pieces that stand on their own yet serves to elevate one’s wardrobe.  However, most importantly designing pieces that women will still love seasons after.  Rickeyia embraced the opportunity to work with some of the most influential stylist such as June Ambrose, Law Roach, Debra Afshani and Ade Samuel.  This helped her sculpt an exclusive frame of reference in her profession. 

She approaches the design process by focusing on distinctive details such as; classic silhouettes that look flattering on all women, as well as pieces that are interchangeable, that can be dressed up or down.